March 2021 - Stommel Haus finished house is Kent. 

A 5 bedroom, 3 storey house in Kent was finished. Starting in late September 2020 and despite the Corona pandemic and the new Brexit regulations, the house could be finished within 5 months. 

The house was built in a conservation area. 

As soon as images become available and we receive the OK by the owner, we will show them here.  

We with the owners and their entire family a happy and healthy life in their very eco friendly and energy efficient home. 

December 2020 - Donation to SOS Kinderdörfer


It is already a good tradition at Stommel Haus UK to donate money to a charity instead of sending Christmas cards and giving presents. 

In 2020, in the middle of this terrible pandemic where children are amongst the most vulnerable, we decided to support SOS Kinderdörfer again, who do wonderful work for children world wide. 


We wish all these children all the best for their future and you a very Merry Christmas. 


February 2020 - Best of Houzz Award for Design and Service


We are proud to announce that we have been awarded with the „Best of Houzz“ Awards 2020” which is a great and welcome recognition for our continuous striving for excellence. It is great to see that not only our clients give us excellent feedback but that millions of Houzz users love our work too. 

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January 2020 - The fish is to blame


About my enthusiasm for Stommel Haus. 
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October 2019 - 50 Years of Stommel Haus 


The timber house pioneer Stommel Haus celebrates their 50 year jubilee. 


From traditional timber log homes to contemporary Bauhaus style - Stommel Haus emphasises the responsible use of sustainanble and non-toxic materials. With the combination of high tech and lean production with skilled craftsmanship, Stommel Haus today builds high quality, energy efficient, ecological timber houses. Read here for more

August 2019 - 100 Years of Bauhaus


We proudly feel that we live the spirit of Bauhaus today by applying our ethics of skilled craftsmanship, our high tech production methods, as well as using high quality materials

July 2019: Handover of another beautiful bespoke eco timber house to our clients in Dorset. 
Farewell and have a healthy and happy life in your beautiful house! 
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December 2018: This year we decided to donate to SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. for children in need instead of sending Christmas cards or presents. We hope that you would support us in our endeavour to make this world just a little bit better. Read more here. 

September 2018 - Airtight house with breathable walls - is this a contradiction?

How Stommel Haus outperforms British Building Regulations requirements for airtightness with breathable walls.  


May 2018 - Another of our colleagues at Stommel Haus has finished their further qualification as a Master Carpenter.


Martin, who is known my most of our English clients, was presented with his "Meister Brief", i.e. his Master Certificate at a glamorous event at the Handwerkskammer in Cologne.

Starting off as a carpenter apprentice, Martin worked in the Stommel Haus factory manufacturing high quality timber house walls, then working on the CNC machine making high precision timber elements for the eco houses and also worked in the assembly teams on site. Now, he is working as site manager and construction supervisor for projects all over Germany and the UK.


We wish Martin great success in his future career and with the next two projects in Dortset and Kent.

March 2018 - Stommel Haus further increases energy efficiency of the wall construction and introduces Jute insulation

Stommel Haus is well known amongst home builders in the UK who value high quality and healthy homes and which are interested in building a very energy efficient luxurious home. The Stommel Haus exterior wall was shortlisted for the Build It Award for Best Technology and is type approved for Building in the UK. 

The energy efficiency is legendary and now Stommel Haus has again increased the thermal capacity of its exterior walls to comply with ever rising energy efficiency requirements in Germany. 

Read more about the new wall construction here


Stommel House builds barrier free eco timber house for senior couple in Norfolk


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January 2018: We Won! We are so very proud to receive „Best of Houzz“ Award 2018 which is a great recognition for our work. There is nothing more satisfying than designing and building bespoke homes starting from a thorough briefing to manufacturing, delivering, building and kitting out a high quality home sometimes more than a thousand kilometres from the factory – a both challenging and rewarding exercise. It is great to see that not only our clients give us an excellent feedback but that millions of Houzz users love our work. Houzz is increasingly important for our clients to express what they are looking for in their personal ideabooks and for ourselves to demonstrate what we are capable of. We will carry the “Best of Houzz” award badges with pride.” Follow us on Houzz and read more here.

January 2018: We are proud to announce that QAssure Build approved that Stommel Haus meets Q Assure Build's Technical Requirements. This type approval ensures that our British clients have another insurer for their Structural Warranty to choose from.

Stommel Haus Merry Christmas 2017

December 2017: We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

November 2017: Stommel Haus UK donates to the WWF forest proection projects to protect the rain forest. 


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July 2017: Stommel Haus builds 6 barrier free, energy efficient 3-storey apartment blocks with 6 and 9 flats each. 

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February 2017: Houzz Community loves Stommel Haus: Stommel Haus UK has been awarded two „Best Of Houzz” Awards by the leading platforms for Home Remodelling and Design: the award for Design and the award for Customer Satisfaction. Stommel Haus UK was chosen from over a million active experts in the area of interior design, design and architecture by the Houzz community, more than 40 million users per month. Click here to read more. 

January 2017:Francesca Chiorando presents "Ultimate Processes" on Insight TV. How do you build an Aston Martin racing car? What goes in to making a 20 million Euro sailing yacht, designing and building a high quality Eco home,  a brand new search and rescue helicopter, one of the world’s most exclusive bicycles or a custom built electric guitar? Francesca Chiorando finds out all of this – and more – when she presents “Ultimate Processes” – a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most fascinating production techniques in the world. Viewers in Great Britain can see the program on Sky TV Ultra HD channel in December and January 2017 and also in Insight TV. Click here to view it. (Episode 9 ->Stommel Haus)  

January 2017 - On Youtube: View Wayne Hemingway's presentation of Stommel Haus "Heartwood" built in Aberdeenshire. The house won the CRL Venturous Build Award. (Click on the image below to start viewing the program).

Stommel Haus UK Merry Christmas 2016




December 2016: We wish you all a very Happy and Healthy and most of all Peaceful New Year.

We hopethat we can discuss your own dream-home-project with you in 2017. 

November 2016: Stommel Haus "Heartwood" owners Teresa and Vic in filming session with Wayne Hemingway


Teresa and Vic were filmed by the CRL Venturous Build film team and interviewed by Wayne Hemingway in their lovely house "Heartwood". We hope to be able to link the film here soon. 

October 2016: Stommel Haus "Heartwood" awarded with the CRL "Venturous Builds Award"


The fantastic bespoke home "Heartwood" built for a wonderful couple in Aberdeenshire was awarded with the new CRL Venturous Builds Award. A film will be made as from mid November which we will link here. 

October 2016: Stommel Haus "Grey Alder" won the "Climate Protection Award" of Innogy and the council of Neunkirchen-Seelscheid. 


The house which is very energy efficient is fitted with solar thermal panels, photo voltaic panels, a solar ice heating and the landscaping is done in a way that as much rain water as possible can drain into the open soil. 


The Innogy SE "Klimaschutzpreis" (Climate Protection Award) is awarded for the efforts of private people, companies or associations who contribute to the protection of our climate, our environment and nature in a special way.

Shell party in a Stommel Haus home in Aberdeenshire

September 2016: Shell Open Day and Shell Party in wonderful Stommel Haus home "Heartwood" in Aberdeenshire


A lot of people followed our invitation to visit the Open Day in the Stommel Haus home "Heartwood". They were able to see with their own eyes the beauty and high quality of the new house which is built from arctic spruce, recycled glass and recycled newspaper insulation, gypsum and paper and triple glazing windows.

It is already a good tradition that friends, family and neighbours of the owners are invited to a "Shell Party". Such an event is always heart warming for the owners as it is the very first time guests are welcomed in the new, but not yet finished home. 


First installation of Solar Ice heating in Scotland - Stommel Haus

August 2016: BREAKING NEWS First Solar Ice installation in Scotland - Stommel Haus embraces ground breaking Viessmann Solar Ice for a private dwelling in Scotland


The Stommel Haus home in Aberdeenshire will be fitted with a groundbreaking Solar Ice heating. 

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July 2016: Stommel Haus Site and Project Managers now TÜV certified


The Stommel Haus Site and Project Managers are now also TÜV certified. 

TÜV Rheinland is a globally active and very renowned independent test service company in Germany. It operates as a technical testing organization for safety, efficiency and quality. 

First Stommel Haus home in Scotland

June 2016: New Stommel Haus coming up - The first Stommel house in Scotland


A fabulous new Stommel Haus home will be built as from the end of June in Scotland. It will be fitted with a Solar Ice heating, solar thermal panels, PV panels, underfloor heating on all storeys and it has a fantastic open gallery where you can look up into the roof ridge from the open plan living area. Huge windows will bring in a lot of light. 

On the top floor will be an open gallery with balcony from where the view to the rolling hills in the distance can be enjoyed. 

We are all very excited about the first "Scottish Stommel Haus".  Come and see the house for yourself during the open days on 17/18th September. Click here to register for an appointment.

April 2016: Shell party in the house in Norfolk.


Typically, a topping out party is held when a new house is built in  Germany. However, a Stommel Haus build is so fast, that there is no time for a topping out party.


So, it's already become a nice tradition to hold a "Shell party" for our clients in the UK. When the house is wind- and water tight and before decoration starts, is a good moment to invite friends, new neighbours and people who helped during the build to have a party and wish the new owners all the best for their future and a healthy life in their very special energy efficient new house.




March 2016: NEW: Great new sample design:

Stommel Haus "Birch Tree" - 
Family home with 4 bedrooms, 181 m² living space with a stunning modern design.




March 2016: Have a look at the latest Stommel Haus photobook for inspirations for your own dream home.

Click on the image to view the photo book.

Stommel Haus featured on Houzz

Stommel Haus photos are ever more popular on the fabulous Houzz portal. 

Stommel Haus Shortlisted for Best Timber Frame Home in Build It Award 2015

We are very proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Build It 2015 award in two categories: "Best Timber Frame House" and "Best Sustainable Technology or Product".