Certification and Awards


At Stommel Haus man and machine work together hand in hand. 

High precision computer controlled systems support the qualified technicians, master carpenters and master joiners to produce the houses. They guarantee best craftsmanship. 

The entire production and assembly process is certified and constantly controlled. Third party audits happen regulary. The high standards of the RAL certification for production and assembly ensure that we adhere to the strict rules which exceed requirements of DIN (German industry standard) and other standards of the building trade. 

This and our extensive experience results in perfect and sustainable products.  

Quality certifications of Stommel Haus
Stommel Haus Certifications


Stommel Haus project managers are now TÜV certified project and site managers. 

Awards in the UK

We have been awarded the

2019 Home Builders Award in the categories 

Best Eco-Friendly Luxury Home Design Company – Europe


Best Bespoke UK Timber Home Design: Heartwood


We Won!

Stommel Haus receives Best of Houzz Awards 2018 Design
Houzz-Community of over 40 million users per month from all over the world rated top professionals in the world of architecture and interior design.
We are so very proud to receive „Best of Houzz“ Award 2018 which is a great recognition for our work. There is nothing more satisfying than designing and building bespoke homes starting from a thorough briefing to manufacturing, delivering, building and kitting out a high quality home sometimes more than a thousand kilometres from the factory – a both challenging and rewarding exercise. It is great to see that not only our clients give us an excellent feedback but that millions of Houzz users love our work.
Houzz is increasingly important for our clients to express what they are looking for in their personal ideabooks and for ourselves to demonstrate what we are capable of. We will carry the “Best of Houzz” award badges with pride.
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Stommel Haus "Ashdown" was shortlisted in the Build It 2017 Awards

The project demonstrates that a contemporary, energy efficient high quality house can be offsite manufactured as far away as 576 miles /929 km and assembled and kitted out in merely 4 months. 

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Stommel Haus received two Houzz Awards 2017: Best Service and Best Design. We are very proud to have been selected by thousands of Houzz users for this very important awards.

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Stommel Haus awarded with the CRL Venturous Builds Award
Stommel Haus "Heartwood" awarded with the CRL Venturous Builds Award

Stommel Haus "Heartwood" in Aberdeenshire received the "CRL Venturous Builds Award" in October 2016. 


House "Heartwood" is a fantastic bespoke home for a couple in Aberdeenshire built from sustainable materials only and fitted with groundbreaking "Heating with Ice". 


We are thrilled to be amongst the first three winners of the new CRL "Venturous Builds Award". 



Stommel Haus "Grey Alder" won the "Climate Protection Award" by innogy and the council of Neunkirchen-Seelscheid.


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Stommel Haus Heather - nominated for the Green Footprint Award
Stommel Haus Heather - nominated for the Green Footprint Award

With the very first house built in the UK, Stommel Haus got nominated for the Green Footprint Award of North Leicestershire County Council in 2012 and scored “Highly Commendable” in the category “Sustainable Urban Design”. The owners of the house “Heather” were thrilled with the quality of the build, the adherence to schedule and to budget and most of all with the amazing energy efficiency and special atmosphere in their healthy home.

The third home built by Stommel in the UK, called „Silver Birch“, was shortlisted for the very renowned Build It Award 2014 for the category “Best Timber Frame House”. In the shortest possible time frame, Stommel Haus helped to fulfil the dream of Connie and Drew Minton for a healthy, energy efficient family home in London. The owners lovingly call their house the “Trojan House” because of its Mock Tudor design on the outside and its high quality interiors and state-of-the-art building technology on the inside.

The beautiful "Ashdown House" was shortlisted for a Build It Award in the category "Best Timber Frame Home".

The house is a fantastic example of a bespoke, contemporary and very energy efficient home.

It was built in a conservation area in East Yorkshire.

The Stommel Haus wall was shortlisted for a Build It Award in 2015 for "Best Sustainable Technology.

The wall is unique: It uses only non-toxic natural and sustainable building materials. It has excellent energy efficiency and provides the means to build very healthy and also very contemporary buildings. The interior atmosphere in a house built with Stommel Haus “Elementar”-Wall is particularly good which the owners of the houses can confirm.

The thickness of the wall is 34.5 cm. It is made of seasoned Scandinavian polar spruce heartwood from FSC certified forests with the heart turned to the visible side.
The centre is a 16 cm timber frame made of Polar spruce, insulated with recycled glass or recycled newspaper.
The timber frame is clad on the outside with 50 mm thick Polar spruce heartwood. The u-value of the wall is 0.17 W/m²K in the wall.
There are different models of the wall, the wall can be provided with a sustainable thermal render bearing panel ready for rendering. The inside timber can be replaced by a double layer of gypsum fibre panel ready for skimming and painting, allowing for contemporary architecture.
The multi-layered construction avoids tensions within the wall caused by different climate conditions and temperatures inside and outside. The construction provides a very good heat insulation and sound protection and allows flexibility in design and installations. The solid timber frame in the centre allows for contemporary constructions with lots of glass.


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