6 Good Reasons to Build Timber Houses

The Temple of Nara - Example for the longevity of timber buildings
The Temple of Nara

Building in wood provides great benefits when combined with clever planning, high precision and well monitored construction and high quality implementation. Stommel Haus build bespoke luxury eco friendly timber houses.

Timber - Building Material of All Centuries

Over hundreds of years timber has been used to build quality homes and buildings which are still standing strong centuries later, shown by many examples of very old timber buildings in Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, Turkey and Japan, some of which were built hundreds of years ago (the most well know example of an ancient timber building is the 1300 year old temple complex of Nara).

There are many very good reasons for building luxury contemporary timber houses today:

Polar Spruce - sustainable building materials
Stommel Haus uses untreated Polar Spruce from FSC certified forests

1 - Ecology and Sustainability

Timber is ecological and sustainable and a truly renewable building material. Its sustainability is unsurpassed. Timber is grown quicker than it is used by most of the main timber supplying countries which have long-standing policies to re-grow more timber than is felled.


2 - Energy Efficient Timber Houses

Wood helps to minimise energy consumption in several ways. In terms of embodied energy, which includes the energy required to extract, process, manufacture, transport, construct and maintain a material or product. Life cycle assessment studies show that wood and timber frame houses significantly outperforms steel and concrete.
Wood also has better insulating properties - 400 times better than steel and 15 times better than concrete. Wood's cellular structure contains air pockets, which limit its ability to conduct heat and help to minimise the energy needed for heating and cooling our eco timber houses providing very energy efficient homes.


3 bedroom self build flat pack home by Stommel Haus
The beautiful house "Silver Maple"

3 - CO2 Reduction

Timber houses reduce CO2 in several ways:

Good quality bespoke eco timber homes achieve top energy efficiency levels due to the outstanding insulation quality and heat retention. Furthermore, to achieve human wellbeing the high surface temperature of wood allows for 2°C less air temperature in timber houses compared to a traditional house.

Wood is a building material with a positive CO2 balance and requires less primary energy during the build. Wood uses solar energy to grow and stores vast amounts of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. A cubic meter of timber thus locks away around one ton of the harmful greenhouse gas. At least another ton is saved when using wood instead of other building material.


4 - Unrivalled Properties of Timber for the Wellbeing of People

Living and working in eco timber houses means being in a pleasant and healthy environment. Timber is diffusible and hygroscopic. It filters the air and thus provides a fresh and healthy climate in a building. It has humidity regulating properties which have positive effects on the atmospheric conditions of a room.
Timber smells good, looks good and feels good and thus has a positive effect on our wellbeing. Timber positively affects all human senses.

Luxury Bathroom
Luxury Bathroom

5 - No Limits on Design and Size

Considering the relationship between people, material and the environment is of utmost importance when building a home. Using timber as the main building material is the right choice with its endless design possibilities, as well as unrivaled physical and technical properties for a timber frame home. 

You can choose your dream bespoke timber frame house designed for your own specific needs and tailored to the location where it will be erected. Your German timber frame home will be prefabricated in the sheltered environment of a factory where it can be produced to the highest accuracy.


6 - Quick Build Time - On Time and on Budget Completion

We pride ourselves today in applying state-of-the-art production methods to manufacture bespoke German timber frame houses in the sheltered and secure environment of a factory using top quality timber harvested in certified and sustainable forests. Modern technology, certified and monitored manufacturing and construction methods permits very quick assembly within a handful of working days with great benefits including independence of the weather, less disturbance of the neighbours, no waste material on site and - the greatest benefit of all - on-time and on-budget completion of the timber house.