Build It Award 2017

Best Offsite Manufactured Home - Stommel Haus shortlisted for the Build It Award 2017

We are delighted and proud to have been shortlisted for the „Best Offsite Manufactured Home" in the 2017 BuildIt Awards. 

The beautiful house "Ashdown" was designed and manufactured 576 miles/929 km away in the Stommel Haus factory in Germany near Cologne, brought to site and assembled within one week. The fine tuning and kitting out took another 3.5 months. 

The project demonstrates that it is possible …

  • to off-site manufacture bespoke, high quality eco houses
  • to produce very energy efficient homes using good quality, sustainable materials
  • to produce timber houses with an unlimited longevity from untreated timber. A German DIN standard for the construction of such houses exists and is adhered to. 
  • to build on time and to fix the price
  • to build without a lot of waste and at the same time keeping a clean site
  • to build in a short time frame
  • to supply energy efficient airtight homes with a good interior climate
  • to supply air-tight homes with no need for membranes which “suffocate” people which then need complex mechanical ventilation systems.
  • to build contemporary homes in a British conservation area. (The conservation officer proposed the build for a local award). 

The design of the house is tailored to the plot, the client’s requirements for space and the way they want to live in the house, the requirements of the local planning and conservation office and the client’s target budget. 

The design and construction of the product is optimised for quick assembly on site. High precision made panels with windows and doors already installed are unloaded straight from the lorry to the slab, the house is assembled within 5 days with minimum impact on the neighbours. There is no cutting of timber required, almost no waste is created but a bit of wrapping material which is taken away and recycled. During the build process the building does not stand open to the weather.