Flat pack home with flat roof
Stommel house with a flat roof, Bauhaus style

There are virtually no limits in designing a Stommel Haus luxury bespoke home as you can see from some of the photos on this web site.


When you build with Stommel Haus the design of your bespoke house is usually free of charge. We  look at your plot to check the access, the directions, the views and the neighbouring buildings. Your local planning agent should find out about possible planning restrictions such as maximum footprint, ridge heights, materials or roof slopes. In a thorough briefing we summarize your requirements in terms of architecture, styles, space, layout, the way you want to live in the off-site manufactured house and your target budget.


Your local planning consultant should prepare the planning application, we will fully support this task. Also see our article "Designing Your Own Grand Design Home with Stommel Haus".

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