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When thinking about the bespoke design of your new dream home there are many key aspects which need to be considered, weighted and balanced. Dreaming up a grand design, or asking an architect to develop a bespoke luxury design, without keeping an eye on the target budget can lead to sudden disappointment. So many people's dreams of a bespoke home have been shattered on taking their grand design to a builder or manufacturer only to find that the cost is way above their means and target budget.


Premium Manufacturers of bespoke off-site manufactured luxury homes such as Stommel Haus will first of all carry out a detailed briefing with their clients and then supply a matching design proposal which should tick all the boxes - including the target budget.

When thinking about the bespoke design of your new timber frame luxury home, consider the following aspects:


The Planning Situation

From the start, the planning situation should be looked at in detail by an architect or planning consultant. Is there potential for development at all? What are the local planning rules? Are there any restrictions in terms of footprint, height, roof slopes and materials? Are their protected trees or other such elements? Stommel Haus team up with experienced UK planning experts who will look into all the details of the planning situation before spending money on a house design.


The Plot

The house should be designed to match the plot: Where is the access? Are their neighbouring buildings and how close are they? Are there views and any shading by landmarks, buildings, trees? Where does the sun come up and where does it go down? What is the topography of the plot? What about the water table? Just to briefly list some of the most obvious questions. 


Together with the results of the planning research and a close look at the plot, the first key aspects of the new design already take shape.


The Architecture

When designing a house it is important to know what kind of architectural style you are anticipating. Are you the minimalistic or Bauhaus type or do you prefer more traditional builds? What do you understand by "traditional" or "minimalistic"? Are sloped roofs traditional and flat roofs contemporary? It helps those people involved in the bespoke design process if you describe what you like and also what you don't like. Pictures of houses you have seen and of course your own scribbles will help to clarify your architectural preferences.

Bespoke energy efficient timber eco house
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Living Space and Layout

How much space is required and the actual layout of the new house depend on the number of permanent residents in the new house and the way of life anticipated. The English often concentrate on the highest number of bedrooms possible which is often a hindrance in the design process. Is it really necessary to have extra bedrooms for the big visits of the children and grandchildren at Christmas or could there be a snug lounge or study which turns into a bedroom for the festive season?


On the other hand, have you thought about a mud room or hard wearing utility room with exit to the garden if you are a pet owner or keen gardener? Why not plan a WC in this room for a quick visit when coming straight in from the garden?

Are you planning a house for old age? Maybe the main bedroom and master bathroom should be downstairs? Is it really necessary to have plenty of small en-suite bathrooms for each bedroom, where you can hardly turn, especially if these bedrooms are only used occasionally? You may prefer a big family bathroom and a separate toilet? If you are dreaming of lots of glass, then also think about shading, cleaning and the birds!


Are you going for a distinctive spacious luxury home?


Stommel Haus UK sales agents are trained to do a detailed briefing and will attempt to get to known the future owners and the important aspects of their daily life. Understanding the way of life of the future owners is a prerequisite for the preparation of a serious bespoke design proposal.


Energy Efficient Homes

Using sustainable, healthy and eco friendly materials, Stommel Haus build very energy efficient homes typically with SAP  A-ratings resulting in very low energy costs. If more than this highest energy rating is required, such as Passivhaus standard, then not only the fabric of the timber frame house is of importance but also the architecture and location/surroundings of the house. Each client can select the energy efficiency rating they wish to achieve for their own dream house.


Your Target Budget

It is amazing how many future self-builders commission an architect to prepare a design but do not set the target budget. Also many self builders indicate a target figure but do not specify whether this should cover the shell construction only, or a fully fitted house. Does the target figure also include: - the excavation work, - the electrical, gas and water services, - the slab costs, - or in fact the costs of the entire project including the land and landscaping. The target budget is a major key aspect which determines the design. 


Many articles have been written and a lot of material is available on how to calculate the budget for a new house. Among others, consider the plot price, demolition of building if applicable, excavation, service connections, slab or basement cost, cost for the house and its interior kitting out, plus of course fees for architects/planning consultants, surveyors, legal fees and finance costs, as well as landscaping, patios, garages and much more. Unless the overall budget is set and split across the key cost factors, it is not possible to seriously think about a design.


Stommel Haus UK sales agents will discuss the budget figures in detail and can help with all aspects of the cost that need to be considered when designing and building your energy efficient luxury dream house.

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A Bespoke Design Just for You

Based on the key aspects listed above, a bespoke design proposal can be provided. Some house builders and luxury home builders ask for fees up front, while others such as Stommel Haus ask for a design fee which is reimbursed upon purchase of the house. The first design should tick all the boxes of the briefing and, of course, changes may be needed in terms of the size of the new house, the many features included and the budget. The following designs result from an optimization process where the key aspects are reconsidered, re-weighted and re-balanced. After some to-ing and fro-ing the final design should be finalized and if the final design presented allows the future owners to see themselves in their dream house, then the designer has done a good job. At this stage, Stommel Haus will also provide a quotation and draft a contract with a fixed price for 12 months.


Now it is over to the planners - and based on the professional planning research - there should be little trouble at this stage getting permission to build your grand bespoke luxury design.


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