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Highly Motivated Staff produce Top Quality for Our Clients

Stommel Haus Team
The Stommel Haus Team

The crane lifts the first wall element high in the air and the foreman guides it to its target position where it is anchored with millimeter accuracy to the bottom slab. Little by little the house is growing. "Amazing!" "Fantastic!" Klaus and Kati Esslinger sitting on their garden chairs with a thermos flask of coffee proudly indulge in the assembly of their new luxury eco friendly home.

Our staff makes sure that your building is not only manufactured and assembled with the highest precision and care but that it is an exciting experience for you the owners. Because we plan the engineering, production and build meticulously and assemble it with highest attention to detail, as clients you can relax and watch, as your anticipation of the new bespoke off site manufactured home grows. 

Sometimes we build more than one house for a client and the Stommel Haus team look forward to building your very first new luxury bespoke house, your bespoke downsizing house and/or your luxury retirement home. 


Our principles of work are:

  • We respect each other as partners and encourage the strengths of each individual. The performance of each individual earns recognition and adds value to the quality of life.
  • We strive for quality and reliability in our products and services.
  • We accentuate the personal responsibility of each member of staff and manage by objectives. 
  • Everyone has a challenge at his personal work place. We speak openly. We keep everyone informed acting responsibly and comprehensibly.
  • We respect the physical integrity of colleagues, clients and visitors on our sites and in the factory and have implemented sensible and accepted rules for Health & Safety at our workplaces.