About Stommel Haus

Stommel Haus is a Premium manufacturer of energy efficient German timber houses. Stommel Haus has manufactured timber houses for more than 40 years and built more than 2,300 houses in German speaking Europe, the UK, Benelux and Switzerland.


The slogan "Ein Haus wie ein Baum - A house like a tree" - underlines our focus on the healthy and natural building material wood. We use timber cut from the heartwood of only the best quality polar spruce harvested from certified forests. The core design, production and build have been certified with renowned German certification marks and are regularly monitored by third party inspection.

When it comes to energy efficient, eco friendly homes  and healthy living, Germany is well advanced. Stommel Haus reflects this advanced living standard in the design of their luxury eco houses achieving very high insulation values as well as a healthy indoor climate by selecting natural building materials devoid of any toxic materials.

We produce the houses off-site in Germany and assemble them on site from bottom slab upwards. Our high precision production process allows us to erect a house in a very quick time, typically in one week. We also kit out the luxury homes with high quality interiors, top brand bathroom suites, ceramic tiles, wooden floors, as well as under-floor heating on all levels run by state-of-the art air or ground source heat pumps. The detailed selection of the interior fittings is done in Germany during a so called "fitting meeting". The kitting out typically takes 3 to 3.5 months depending on the size of the house.

Your Stommel Haus home is based on your architect's design or on one of our design proposals which can be adapted to your personal needs and those of the plot and planners.

Have a look at what we offer, you may well be pleasantly surprised by our approach to designing your bespoke dream house and the price of Stommel Haus top quality German timber houses.