Why not Build a Bungalow

Bungalow built by Stommel Haus
Single storey L-shape

Reasons for a Bungalow

When thinking about a bungalow people are typically looking for a comfortable home with no stairs which is well suited for people with impaired mobility such as elderly people or people dependent on a wheelchair or crutches. Also, some people are looking to build a single storey home to comply with height restrictions defined by their planners.

The term „Bungalow“ comes from Hindi “baṅglā” meaning “‘belonging to Bengal”. It refers to a type of cottage built for early European settlers in Bengal. In architectural terms a Bungalow is a single storey building, sometimes with a small loft space in the attic. There are also “dormer bungalows” also known as “chalet bungalows” which typically have a stair case to access additional bed rooms in the roof space. 


2 bedroom bungalow
A sample layout for a 2 bedroom bungalow


When well designed, the beauty of a bungalow is that it gives the impression of generous space even though it might have the same or less space than a house with several storeys.

However, design is key. A bungalow with a square footprint needs special attention to ensure that light gets into all areas. Access to all rooms is of course required and traffic areas needs to be carefully well planned. Traffic areas should be limited and well designed. Natural light is important, older bungalows often have a square or oblong shape and the centre is pretty grim and dark. 

As with all house designs, looking at the plot should be the first thing to do. Where should the access be, where does the sun come up and settle, are their key planning restrictions, where are the neighbours, are there aspects of nature which might have an impact?


Vaulted timber ceiling in a Stommel Haus bungalow
Beautiful vaulted ceiling in a Stommel Haus bungalow

Cost of a bungalow

A bungalow needs more land than a house with several storeys to house the same living space. Obviously, the space for several bedrooms required on a single storey requires a greater footprint than if the bedrooms where upstairs. The bigger footprint requires bigger foundations and slab which is more costly. Also the roof covers a bigger area; the relationship between outer envelope of the house to the actual living space is not as good as with a two or three storey house. If the reason for a bungalow is your impaired mobility but size of plot is too small or the budget does not suffice, building a lift could be an alternative. If you are worried about not being able to make the stairs in the future, your dream house could be prepared for retro-fitting a lift in the future. 


Energy efficient eco house - entrance hall
Entrance hall in a Stommel Haus home


No matter where your plot is, Stommel Haus will design a house with you matching your requirements, the plot location and situation, key planning restrictions and your target budget. How many bedrooms do you need, how many of them will be occupied regularly, how many will only be used occasionally? Could a flexible approach be of interest? Do you want open plan living or separate the kitchen from the dining and the living room? How much storage do you need? Have you got a hobby which needs extra space, what about pets? The utility room should be big enough to house the heating and other service and it can also serve as a laundry or mud room. Stommel Haus architects have a lot of experience developing your personal living space which fits your needs now and in future. We will also find out about the styles you are looking for, the sleek minimalistic or traditional style, a trendy flat roof or high vaulted ceilings.  Contact us at info@stommel-haus.co.uk with your requirements.