Build It Award 2015

Best Timber Frame House and Best Sustainable Technology or Product - Stommel Haus shortlisted for the Build It Award 2015

We are delighted and proud to have been shortlisted for the „Best Timber Frame House" and "Best Sustainable Technology or Product" in the 2015 BuildIt Awards.


Build It Award 2015 Best Timber Frame Home

The exceptional bespoke "Ashdown House" built in East Yorkshire was shortlisted for the 2015 BuildIt Award "Best Timber Frame House"


As one of the Stommel Haus German timber frame houses, Ashdown House is a bespoke 3 bedroom eco home with 207 m² living space on 2 floors. It has an open gallery which enables views from the ground floor up into the roof ridge. This Stommel Haus house has an SAP A-rating of 96 points and a CO2 A-rating of 97 points.


Considerable care, experience and love of the "products of nature - the sustainable building material timber" went in to developing this kind of construction which enables Stommel Haus to build very energy efficient, bespoke and contemporary homes. They offer their clients a healthy, comfortable bespoke home requiring very little energy. The timber wall construction is unique and the interior atmosphere of the house - which is difficult to describe with words and pictures - is very special.


This bespoke house was off site manufactured in the sheltered environment of a German factory. Erected on site in East Yorkshire, the house was wind- and water tight within one week. The house is a bespoke design based on the client's requirements for space, architecture, the plot and planning situation, as well as the client's target budget. The house is built in a conservation area of East Yorkshire and the local conservation officer made an input during the planning process as well.


Build It Award 2015 Best Sustainable Technology or Product

We are proud that the Stommel Haus Elementar Wall is shortlisted for "The Best Sustainable Technology or Product" 


The wall is constructed with the natural and sustainable building material timber. It uses the dense heartwood of polar spruce. After cutting a thick beam from the centre of the tree trunk, it is cut through the middle and the inner side is turned to the visible side of the wall. The polar spruce timber is then kiln dried to residual moisture of 15%. During this process, proteins are destroyed which makes the timber unattractive for bugs, fungi and mould. 

By using beams cut out of one piece, rather than using sections of wood glued together, the wood keeps its natural properties supporting a special climate in the house which provides for a very good interior climate. Billions of capillaries are able to absorb smells, bad air and smoke and channel it off to the outside. They supply fresh air to the house and keep the air humidity at a perfect level. Mechanical ventilation is thus not required.

Not only is the construction of the wall very energy efficient, but the solid timber surfaces allow for a room temperature of 2-3° C less than is usually required in traditional houses to feel comfortable due to the structural-physical properties of the timber. The heat energy required is thus reduced by 8-10%. The fact that solid timber absorbs and dispenses energy slowly also results in lower heating costs. Buildings constructed with this wall achieve excellent SAP energy ratings.

Hugh Dennis, presenter at 2015 Build It Awards

The Build It Awards 2015 were presented in September 2015 in London by Hugh Dennis, one of the UK’s most popular comedians, currently starring in the BBC’s hit topical panel show Mock the Week and award winning sitcom Outnumbered.