Health - A good reason for eco timber houses


The body cells of humans and of plants (timber) are made up of the same ingredients: water, mineral salt, proteins, fats or lipids, sugar and nucleic acid. It is not surprising that as humans we feel well and cosy in timber. Timber in a building creates healthy indoor air, is stress relieving and due to its antibacterial properties it has healing effects. There is sufficient proof of the positive effect of timber on the human health by reducing blood pressure, giving a lower heart beat rate and acting as a stress relief. (Click here to download the report of Joanneum Research). 

In our modern world, where more and more people stay indoors - we spend up to 90% of our time inside buildings - living in a timber house will add to your wellbeing.


Unrivalled Interior Climate

Experience a  solid Stommel timber eco house, breathe the fresh clean air. It is not too dry and not too humid. It is always cosy and warm and amazingly pleasant and cool on a hot summer's day.

The feel-good climate of a Stommel eco friendly home comes from a single source: the solid timber. The ingenious layered walls use only solid solar spruce and other layers of natural material. The wood has 600 fine capillary vessels per square millimetre and billions of so called tracheids which have the capability of absorbing used air and bad smells and to channel these to the outside. And they keep the air humidity at a pleasant level creating a good atmosphere which offers relief to many people with allergies.

The thermo-physical properties of the walls provide a healthy climate and an unrivalled feel-good atmosphere. These properties do not wear off during the entire lifetime of the wood and therefore in the eco friendly homes. They provide:

  • Pleasant surface temperatures,
  • Excellent air humidity balance,
  • Neutralising stale air and bad smells,
  • Anti bacterial properties and
  • Avoiding electro static charges.

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