Ecology & Sustainability - Good reasons to build timber eco friendly homes

Wood uses solar energy to grow and stores CO2
Wood uses solar energy to grow and stores CO2



Wood uses solar energy to grow and it stores vast amounts of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. A cubic meter of timber thus locks away around one ton of the harmful greenhouse gas. At least another ton is saved when using wood instead of other building material which require a lot of fossil energy and release CO2 during its production.


On average Stommel eco friendly homes, with more than 50 cubic meters of solid timber, its rafters, purlins, studs and profile boards, saves around 100 tons of CO2.




Forest Stewardship Council

Sustainability - Certified Forests used for Stommel Haus eco friendly timber houses 


Not all timber houses are alike. Stommel solid eco friendly timber houses are special in many ways:

The timber used for the walls of the houses is the heartwood of slow growing polar spruce.

After cutting a thick beam from the centre of the tree trunk, it is cut again through the middle and the inner sides, i.e. the heartwood of the trunk which is the hardest part, is turned to the visible side of the wall. This way we ensure that the material is used by design to make the house inherently stable and robust.

Polar spruce heartwood
Stommel Haus uses heartwood of Polar Spruce

We select wood from sustainable and FSC certified forests. In special seasoning chambers the natural material is brought to a residual moisture of 15% based on a complex process. The quality of the timber and design solutions developed exclusively by Stommel Haus avoid any unwanted twisting or shrinking of the wood in their eco friendly homes.


No need for wood preservatives for an unlimited life span of eco friendly homes

We build timber houses devoid of any toxic substances. The construction adheres to DIN 68800, an industry standard ensuring that timber constructions will have an unlimited life span - if handled properly - without the need for any wood preservatives.