Stommel House builds barrier free eco timber house for senior couple in Norfolk

"They are just wonderful people" says Stommel Haus UK sales agent Barbara Fischer-Clark, who looked after the clients in Norfolk and she gets into a rapture, both about the clients as well as the new timber house. We dare to call our clients "senior" as they were 78 and 68 years old when the journey of a bespoke self build began.


When coming to the house the ramp for a wheelchair made of natural stone immediately hits your eye: The couple not only look into their own future but provide a barrier free entry for their best friend who sits in a wheelchair and the many friends who they welcome to their lovely new home. When thinking about "barrier free" you don't necessarily have to think about a wheelchair - using crutches after a small accident can turn simple steps into an unsurmountable hinderance. The couple have taken an important step to make their new timber house ready for old age.

Planning a bespoke timber house for a barrier free future

Going through the friendly bright red front door, in the hall there is a stair case to the upstairs where the very fit couple currently have their main bedroom, a gallery, another guest room and bathroom. On the ground floor there is a barrier free bedroom and adjacent bathroom which is currently used by friends who stay over night. The ground floor with its 120 m² surface provides a generous living room with dining room and open kitchen as well as a utility room.

So, how would you describe this house: A happy and warm house for senior citizens? A barrier free house? Or just - as usual with Stommel Haus - a bespoke energy efficient timber house which fulfills the personal requirements of its owners.

It is no longer so unusual to find a Stommel Haus home so far east in the UK. For quite a while now, British clients appreciate the fact that the house is finished on time and for a fixed price. Rumour has it that the German craftsmen love the British clients for their openness, friendliness and hospitality. The Brits in turn love the German craftsmen for their reliability, cleaniness and friendliness. Our senior couple in Norfolk have a strong affinity to timber as the father of our client was a famous joiner and interior designer. Our clients knew exactly about the benefits of timber and together with Stommel Haus this material was turned into a beautiful timber house for two.

The house has a name - as is the habit in the UK. Its name "Woodlark" not only fits the ornithological hobby of our clients but of course has a reference to the material which the house is primarily made of.

All of us at Stommel Haus wish this wonderful couple a long and healthy life and hopefully Auf Wiedersehen!