Client Feedback

5 bedroom flat pack house
5 bedroom house Phoenix

There is no better argument for a product than the positive reference of a client. Stommel Haus thrives to deliver the best product possible and provide true dream houses to their clients.

Positive comments from our clients motivate us to provide excellent craftmanship and high quality. 

"The timber house was planned and built exactly as we wanted it. We are very happy." say Kerstin and Heinz Schäfer, proud owners of the fantastic house "Phoenix".


Our lovely clients from Norfolk whose house was built from February 2016- June 2016 commented after the first 3 days of the build start: “Back now from 3 days at our building plot, watching the house being built.  Yesterday was certainly one of the best days I’ve experienced for many years. What an excitement! On arrival there was a slab standing alone on the site. We watched each lorry arrive and the house rose almost magically. Our new neighbours, in whose house we sat much of the time, looking at the crane lifting pieces of the building into place, were, to use a good bit of English slang, totally gobsmacked. One of the most impressive things was the way the interior partitions were lifted into place once the outside shell was complete.

This morning your chaps allowed us into the house to see the layout. We were even able to see the upper floor since there was a temporary staircase in place.


We absolutely love it. I really do think it will be a marvellous place for me to be spending my last years. Our choice of Stommel Haus as our building/designing company is more than justified. Now we find it hard to wait until we can move in. Fondly, with gratitude, …”


After living in the house for 6 weeks they commented: "We’re enjoying the house a lot. In particular I love the staircase and the flooring generally. It’s lovely to be able to walk around barefoot without feeling cold at all. The bathrooms are also excellent. All in all, I feel the house is pretty well exactly what we hoped for, with no weaknesses yet discovered."

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The lovely Minton family who built their "Trojan" house - A Mock Tudor house prefabricated by Stommel Haus
The lovely Minton family who built their "Trojan" house - A Mock Tudor house prefabricated by Stommel Haus

Our clients from Surrey comment:  "Not only are the Stommel Haus houses of amazing quality, they are also relatively inexpensive, if you compare them to traditional houses on the market, which probably require a lot of work done to them once you buy them. Our own (budding) house shows that Stommel Haus can provide the right solution. The street where we are building could not be more traditional, yet we are building a German house, perceived as wooden and 'flat-pack', that absolutely fits in and presented no problem with planning whatsoever. Because of the ability for Stommel Haus houses to 'morph' into an external design to suit a particular 'look', yet still retain the unique Stommel Haus inside, we have dubbed our own UK Stommel house a 'Trojan House'. Also refer to the Build It Case Story and to the client's review on Houzz

Flat pack home  - eco home from Germany
House of the Hembeck family

"There was nothing that didn't work. Not a single thing that went wrong. Many of our friends built at the same time with other companies but nowhere did it work so smoothly. Planning, stability and organisation. We can recommend it. Stommel Haus is a trustworthy company. They kepts their promises. Everything worked as planned especially in terms of our desired finish date and the finance. Although we had many special requirements, the planning work smoothly. Our house is exactly as we wanted it - we love it." says the Hembeck family in their house "Sommerflieder".  

Ty Gwynt - 5 bedroom flat pack home from Germany
Stommel Haus Ty Gwynt - Built on time and ready for its first Christmas

"We can hardly believe it, but it is really true - we are in! And before Christmas too! Our decision to build a Stommel Haus was definitely the right one. The house is lovely and Stommel Haus have been marvellous to work with." 
say Jayne and Tom from Warwickshire. 

Also have a look at the overwhelmingly positive result from a survey with 44 Stommel Haus clients by the German magazine "profertighaus". Click below to read the full article.
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