High quality - the most important principle of Stommel Haus - builders of high quality and sustainable luxury timber houses

High quality Polar Spruce Heartwood
High quality Polar Spruce Heartwood

High quality is achieved by using state-of-the-art CNC production methods combined with true craftsmanship. This is demonstrated by the design and manufacture of the unique Stommel Haus walls, ceilings and roof and the high precision achieved when building the eco houses on site.
Ralf Stommel, Managing Director of Stommel Haus says: "Only good material and well designed solutions allow us to build high quality and sustainable timber houses. More than 40 years of experience have taught us what is important.


  • Polar spruce whose slow growth and fine annular rings make it so durable
  • Selection of good quality timber
  • Careful seasoning of the timber
  • Using timber from the heart of the wood only
  • Well specified wall design with high quality insulation
  • A core principle is Constructive Wood Protection by design
  • Inspection by a third party for production and erection according to the renowned German RAL certification mark."

The Wall

Flat pack timber house wall - breathable wall
Stommel Haus Elementar Wall

The Stommel Haus "Elementar" wall is an ingenious design consisting of layers of natural sustainable materials. The stud wall is built up using solid polar spruce timber, gypsum fibre and wood fibre panels, mineral fibre insulation with Knauf Ecose technology and an air cavity and a service cavity. The 34.5 cm thick wall provides extremely high insulation.

The wall can "breathe" and keeps the interior climate of the eco friendly house in a perfect condition. We do not use any OSB panels, glue or membranes in the wall which could collect moisture. The natural property of the wood allows it to keep the air humidity inside the house at a perfect level and provides for the typical Stommel Haus "Feel Good" atmosphere - a trademark of Stommel Haus luxury sustainable eco houses.

Unlike other timber house manufacturers, we use solid timber cut from the heart of polar spruce which is harvested only from certified forests north of the artic circle and seasoned in a complex process. There is no shrinking or twisting of the wood.

Ceilings and Roof Truss

Flat Pack Home - building the roof truss
Building the roof truss

The ceiling and roof truss are built with visible rafters and purlins, the timber is joined durably and elegantly and achieves a pleasing design.

The beams seen in the vaulted ceilings of the top floor are joined with the wall plate so no beams of the inside penetrate the building envelope which results in fantastic air tightness values. The beams seen in the roof overhang are the second layer beams of the roof truss.

We join the roof truss beams and ceiling beams with conic dove tail joint which ensures an accurate fit of all parts of the construction while avoiding twisting and turning. The entire construction demonstrates true craftsmanship resulting in bespoke luxury off-site manufactured sustainable timber houses.

Manufacture and Build

CNC machine producing a luxurious flat pack home at Stommel Haus
CNC machine producing a luxurious flat pack home at Stommel Haus

The whole production process is constantly monitored by internal quality checks as well as independent inspection by third party experts. The highly regarded German RAL Certification Mark for production and build guarantee the best quality for the client.

Quality Certification

RAL Certification Marks for Stommel Haus
RAL Certification Marks

We work according to German DIN and other building standards as well as the specific quality requirements of the RAL Certification Mark. Most of the German DIN Standards have equivalent European and British Standards. Stommel Haus is regularly controlled and monitored by independent institutions and receives the German "Ü-Zeichen" and "RAL Gütezeichen", which are well known Certification Marks of the German Building Industry.