When thinking about building your bespoke dream home, the first thing, of course, is to find a plot. Once you have identified or purchased the plot, we can start a detailed briefing with you which will be the basis for a design proposal.


Plot finding, however, is not an easy task in the UK and we would like to help at least with some tips: 

1. Draw up your specification containing information such as location, size, target price, orientation of the plot, views required.

2. Spread your bespoke specification with ALL the estate agents in your target area.

3. Speak to developers in the target area, they just might have a pot which they cannot or will not use for their current projects.

4. Search on the web (see below).

5. Write a nice letter and put it in the letter boxes of the people who live in the target area. 


There are numerous web services out there where you can find plots and a lot of them have alert systems which will send you an e-mail when a plot comes up which matches your luxury bespoke contemporary eco house specification.

Find a derelict property for your bespoke house
Find a derelict property for your bespoke house

Search for a Derelict Property

Once you identified your target area, visit the estate agents of the area and ask for derelict properties. The advantage is that you will get planning permission to build again. But of course you need to thoroughly check that the building is not listed and that it is allowed to demolish the derelict building. Again, you can use the service of Dharmista and Stefan to get that researched, read more by clicking here.  

Also, leave your address with the estate agents and let them know what exactly you are looking for so that they can inform you immediately when anything comes up. 

Once you found a derelict property and got permission to demolish it, contact companies who might want to recycle building materials from the old house. Clay tiles, timber floors, timber beams, old taps are sought after items. Check with the planners when you are allowed to have the actual demolition work done, i.e. there are periods in some areas where demolition is not admitted. 

Purley, Surrey
Purley, Surrey

The Personal Touch

After a long unsuccessful search, our clients who recently built their bespoke house in Purley, Surrey approached their plot search in a totally different way: After identifying the area where they wanted to live, they wrote a very personal letter explaining about their dream, presenting their family and specifying what they were looking for. They put this letter into the letter boxes of all the houses in the streets where they were looking - a hard but successful way. 3 months later one of the residents got in touch and in the end sold them a beautiful 0.5 acre plot (even with planning permission). Only 10 months later, our clients lived in their new, 5 bedroom Stommel Haus home.


Size of a plot

It is not always necessary to have a huge plot, the location is much more important. Build Store has a nice page where they present different plot sizes in relation to a detached dwelling: click here for more information


Once you found the plot ...

Once you found a plot, you should find out about the development potential for your luxury bespoke eco home. Engage a planning consultant to support this (also read the article "Addressing the planning challenge".

As soon as the development potential of your plot is established, we can start with the briefing process and the design of your luxury bespoke contemporary dream house. The design of your eco friendly house is totally free if you build with Stommel Haus. (See here for more information about the design process.)