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The new build shell construction of luxury house builders Stommel Haus UK, contains much more than what is typically understood by a "shell": Stommel Haus assemble the shell on site, from slab upwards, and the house shell is fully wind, watertight and lockable. The shells of all our German timber frame new build homes contain:

Assembling a flat pack home
  • Diffusion open walls include timber or render on the outside. The exterior timber is 50 mm! thick polar spruce.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency of the exterior walls and roof from u=0.17 Wm²K  or better if required. If you require, we can also deliver new build homes to passiv haus standard.
  • The exterior walls have a service cavity for easy installation of electrics
  • Excellent quality triple glazing timber windows with a u-value of 0.6 Wm²K
  • High quality exterior doors and side entrance doors.
  • Finished and insulated roof with zink guttering
  • The exterior walls are finished. Nothing else needs to be done to them.
Timber ceilings in a flat pack home from Stommel Haus
The finished timber ceilings are part of the shell delivery
  • The ceilings, showing the beauty of the natural polar spruce,  are also finished. Typically we provide vaulted ceilings on the first floor. If you go for a design with an open gallery, you can see the beautiful timber construction in the roof ridge.
  • Luxury house builders Stommel Haus fit a unique ceiling on the first floor: The timber seen in the ceiling is only on the inside of the house. The roof truss with the beams in the roof overhang is installed on top, i.e. there is a double layer of rafters.

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