Budget, Time and Process


Your path to building a very energy efficient high quality home starts with thorough briefing process during which we determine your requirements for the architecture of the bespoke house, the space and layout, your target budget as well as the plot situation and possible planning restrictions, we will design a bespoke home for you for a nominal fee which will be reimbursed if you build a house with us. 


We then provide a detailed written quotation and if you like it, we provide a contract - subject to planning permission and finance - with a fixed price for 12 months.


At the fitting meeting in Germany you determine the interior fittings and you can still change the layout of the house. After the fitting meeting Stommel Haus provides a written summary with the final pricing. There is no deviation from this price unless you change your mind.  


After the slab is built - you are responsible for that and we can introduce you to suitable builders - Stommel Haus will provide a detailed project plan with the assembly date of the house on site and the finish of the kitting out process. Unless there are adverse weather conditions we stick to the schedule to plus/minus one week. 


The Budget 


A high quality, luxury bespoke off site manufactured house, transported from Germany to your site in the UK and assembled by highly skilled craftsmen and kitted out to the highest standards with top brand materials by experienced and qualified German craftsmen is of course more expensive than a bespoke house built by your local builder. The difference in quality and typically the energy efficiency is huge. A fully fitted house (excl. kitchen) from concrete slab upwards costs typically around 3,000 £  to 3,800 £ per square meter living space. A three bedroom house with around 150 m² living space starts from around 400,000 £ and the 4 to 6 bedroom houses with 200 m² to 350 m² are around 580,000 £ to 1 Mio £+.


Please note: The above £-prices are based on the typical pre-Brexit exchange rate. Post-Brexit the Euro/Pound Sterling exchange rate is unpredictable which makes offering a fixed £-price impossible. Therefore currently prices can only be quoted in Euros.


Please note that the price will be calculated for YOUR luxury bespoke fully fitted house and you will receive a detailed quotation. We can also look into building the fully insulated, wind- and water tight house for you (the shell construction), which is fitted with very high quality triple glazing windows, insulated roof with zinc guttering, the ceilings are finished, the exterior walls finished etc for about 60% of the price indicated above. You could venture the labour-intensive kitting out with local craftsmen. 


When signing the contract with Stommel Haus, the price will be fixed for 12 months. 


The Process and Time 


The basic steps required to get you moving in to your Stommel Haus dream home are summarised below with some indication of duration. Please contact us if you want to know more.

Process of building a high quality flat pack home