High precision production of a high quality offsite manufactured eco house
CNC machine

Men and machines are working together in the Stommel Haus factory to produce the best quality bespoke off-site manufactured homes for our UK clients.


The heartwood of polar spruce is cut into thick timber and then shaped to be used for our highly insulated solid wood walls. Our precision CNC machines work with timber up to 14 meters in length and shape them with millimeter accuracy.


Our highly qualified carpenters, joiners, technicians and master craftsmen work to guarantee the highest quality and craftsmanship.


Production of a premium flat pack home
Producing an exterior wall

Off-site manufactured bespoke luxury houses using modern machinery results in very flexible, accurate and reproducible manufacturing processes. The very high accuracy achieved in the factory allows us to produce the walls, ceilings and parts of the roof truss to a very high quality that permits quick erection of the bespoke luxury homes without the need for any adjustments on site. Off-site manufactured houses undeniably represents the key future approach to the building of new bespoke luxury homes.






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