First Stommel Haus home in Scotland

The latest Stommel Haus is currently being built in Aberdeenshire. It is a wonderful house of 216 m² living space. It will have an open gallery where from the dining table the owners can look into the vaulted ceiling above at about 7.5 m height.

The house is fitted with state-of-the-art Solar Ice heating, which is a heat pump using the ambient heat and solar thermic energy and also the energy in an underground water tank and the latent energy in ice. With underfloor heating throughout the house, this house overlooking the rolling Aberdeenshire hills will be very warm and comfortable. 


SAP energy rating of a Stommel Haus home in Aberdeenshire
SAP rating of Stommel Haus home "Heartwood" built in Aberdeenshire








The SAP rating of the house indicates that the house produces more energy than it consumes and after living in it for several months, our clients already got the first amount of money back from their energy company. 

This house is the first of its kind with the Viessmann "Solar Ice" Heating. The system uses a ice store which uses ice to heat and cool a house. Have a look at the Youtube video for more information on how it works and read the Press Release