Partners - High quality products and services for high quality homes


Stommel Haus homes are fitted with the excellent windows, French windows and front doors from Niveau.

Front door made with 300 year old oak from Niveau in a Stommel Haus home
Beautiful contemporary front door from Niveau with 300 year old oak in a Stommel house

Assent Building Control

Our valued partner Assent Building Control provides helpful, practical and accurate guidance with Building Regulations. Stommel Haus UK and Assent work closely together to make the process of building regulations application as smooth as possible for our clients.

Handelsbanken Team Chelmsford
Handelsbanken Team Chelmsford


In today's challenging and competitive world everyone needs all the help and support they can get in order to gain and keep competitive advantage. As a major international bank, Handelsbanken recognises it has a role to play in acting, not only as a service provider, but more importantly as a partner/advisor. Handelsbanken Chelmsford is pleased to work with Stommel Haus and provide mortgages and bridging loans for our clients, existing or new, planning to build an excellent energy efficient and healthy home.

Also refer to the joint press release of Stommel Haus UK and Svenska Handelsbanken, Chelmsford
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Briary Energy Consultants

Briary Energy Consultants take an integrated approach to the areas of renewables and other low-carbon energy technologies, offering services from Energy Feasibility Studies, Energy Consumption statements, Ecohomes and Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments, SAP and Sbem Calculations, Pressure Testing and Daylight Calculations. As consultants they are working with over 200 architects and some of the largest house builders.

Also refer to the joint press release of Stommel Haus and Briary
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Treppenbau Schmidt

One of our valued partners is Treppenbau Schmidt. With many years of experience, Treppenbau Schmidt builds bespoke stair cases for Stommel Haus homes all over Europe

and the UK.

Staircase in a luxurious eco home
Staircase built by Treppenbau Schmidt


Stommel Haus uses the roofing tiles from Braas with a 30 year guarantee by the manufacturer.

Metternich Haustechnik

Stommel Haus uses Metternich Haustechnik for the interior plumbing and installation of underfloor and high energy efficient heat pumps


Stommel Haus homes are painted on the exterior with open porous paint from Remmers.


Stommel Haus homes are fitted with Velux skylights - a guarantee for high quality.