Stommel Haus - Grey Alder

"Grey Alder" is a fantastic 3 bedroom house with 182 m². The exterior uses Stommel Haus' new exterior cladding "Softline". What looks like thin laths is in fact 50 mm thick arctic spruce of 16 cm height. Unlike with many other contemporary houses, this exterior will not buckle or bend and it has a great longevity and low maintenance. 

"Grey Alder" was designed for a beautiful plot in Germany and fabulous views. The back of the house has a lot of glass which is shaded with exterior blinds against the sun which open and shut automatically. When there are high winds they will shut automatically. 

The interior was entirely designed by the owners who have a fantastic talent for interior design. 

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"Grey Alder" won the "Climate Protection" Award by Innogy and the Council of Neunkirchen-Seelscheid in October 2016. 


The Innogy SE "Klimaschutzpreis" (Climate Protection Award) is awarded for the efforts of private people, companies or associations who contribute to the protection of our climate, our environment and nature in a special way.