After building so many wonderful houses for our clients and now friends in the UK, we always dreamed of building a Stommel Haus home for ourselves. We love the New England style and the idea for a design was born a long time ago. 
We had a name for the house before we had jotted even the first lines on the specification: Beauly (from "beau lieu" - pretty place in French). 

The name "Beauly" was also inspired by our visit to the village "Beauly" by the river Beauly in the Scottish Highlands. What a wonderful idea to name a place like that. See  for more information about this wonderful place in Scotland.

After a long and unsuccessful search for a nice plot we came to the conclusion that we should build on our own plot. This meant that we had to destroy our beautiful garden which was most painful. However, the garden was no longer prepared for the climate change, during every violent storm we worried about the big trees. This is what it looked like:

And this is what it looked like after we had taken down the trees:

We designed the house with the support of our lovely architect Sandra Lohr and our friend Jojo. The house should take full advantage of the south - westerly views and should be future proof, i.e. the ground floor should be livable if we can no longer make the stairs. So this was the design:

The slab build started in May 2020: 

And the slab was accepted in July 2020:

As Stommel Haus was so very busy - and still is - we waited rather a long time. The production of the house eventually started at the end of November 2021.
I was happy to "help" painting. Thank you, Mike for your patience with me. There is a photo of Alan by the back door, wearing a Corona mask.

The build start was on 7th December. See a time-lapse of the first 2 days below: (Thank you Julian for taking these pictures!) 

The progress of the build is impressive, however, it will take longer than usual because of the complex roof scape. 
So, here we are in day 9 of the build. There is a Christmas break now and build will resume on the 10th January. At the bottom of this page you find a link to some interior shots. And watch this space. 

In the meantime we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

We hope that we can see you in the new house in 2022 and hope that the pandemic will stop so that we can all easily travel again. 











After their well deserved Christmas break, the "boys" came back to assemble the veranda. 

The electricians started with the first fix and heating/water will start on January 19th.














Photo voltaic panels were installed on the 21st January. Together with a solar battery we hope to generate as much as possible our own electricity. Let's see how that works. 




The heating engineers are advancing quickly. Insulation and underfloor heating has been installed. 
Amazing, the amount of work that goes into a new house. All the pipes, cables etc won't be seen once the screed is in which is planned for the first week of February.

Scaffolding was taken down on the 4th February, so the house is fully visible. The shutters downstairs to come next.

Shutters have been installed downstairs and insulation of the slab perimeter is now installed:

Update just before Easter 2022: We will be moving in just after Easter - exactly on time!
Everything bar a few small things are done, we a so happy. 

We are in - 19th April - 4.5 months and totally happy.
Thank you to all people who helped us make our dream come true!